Volunteer Opportunities

The Spin Sisters Mountain Bike Club is 100% run by volunteers. Without your help, we wouldn’t be what we are today.

The opportunities to volunteer with Spin Sisters are numerous and varied, from hosting a ride, to building trails, to burger-grilling on trail days, to helping the Executive Committees do their thing. Just as the tasks are varied, so is the time commitment and the timeframe of when you are needed. Some committees need help now, some need help for a month or three and some are ongoing.

How do I Volunteer?

If you clicked a volunteer box on your registration, we will be in touch soon.

If you didn’t click a volunteer box but are curious about volunteering, drop us a line and we can discuss the possibilities!


What Can I do?

Become a Ride Ambassador or Sweep

Being a Ride Ambassador is a great way to get involved in the club. Current ABA requirements include having a “host” for every ride (10 people maximum). For Lime, Lemon and Blueberry rides we also like to have a sweep (a person who rides at the back of the pack to ensure no one is left behind).

You do not need to be the fastest or the best rider to be a Ride Ambassador, we just ask that you have some knowledge of the trail being ridden. Check out the rides page for more information on what it means to be a Ride Ambassador or Sweep.

Join one of our Committees

The following Committees are looking for volunteers to help with various tasks:

  • Clinics – Maintenance and Skills
  • Communication
  • Volunteer/Trails

Watch your email for more info on these openings.

Trail Building

Over the years, Spin Sisters’ members have put hundreds of hours into the singletrack trails in favourite riding areas such as Fish Creek Provincial Park, Medicine Hill (Paskapoo Slopes), Bowmont Park, Bragg Creek Trails, and the Ridgeback and S.H.A.F.T. trails at Station Flats/Ing's Mine in K-Country.

Spin Sisters works in conjunction with five local trail associations, to give back to the community and contribute to maintaining the trails, and assist in building new trails to expand our local network.

We are organizing five trail maintenance days for the 2021 season. Dependent upon Covid-19 restrictions, we hope to set up each day as a trail maintenance bike party. We’ll work on some sweet trails, have a bbq , give away some amazing swag from our awesome sponsors, AND go for a ride after. It’s proven that volunteering for a trail maintenance day or two builds trail karma that keeps us all on our bikes with the rubber side down.

Watch our social media channels and check the schedule on Team Snap for dates and further details on upcoming trail building days for the 2021 season!


Our Local Trail Associations

We work with the five trail associations below. Please consider joining at least one local trail association, as the money from your membership goes towards trail maintenance and new trail development. Membership numbers are extremely important for a trail association’s advocacy efforts, and really matter when they lobby the government for trail access and development. Plus, you’ll receive some great deals from local sponsors, and be able to participate in fun events such as the Toonie Races and Poker Rides organized by MMBTS.


Canmore and Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA)

CAMBA’s mandate is to advocate for mountain biking and strive for a vibrant, exciting trail system for all ages and abilities. They currently have 530 members, and several exciting projects on the go. Quarry Lake Park – building a multi-stage progressive drop zone (planned opening Summer 2021), Benchlands Bike Skills Park – planning a bigger drop zone,  completed the Razor's Edge connector in 2020, will continue in 2021 with upgrades to remainder of Razor's Edge trail,  Exshaw - continue the sanctioning process for Prospector trails, and Canmore Nordic Centre – continue planning of the Enduro Trail.

Note that CAMBA offers a discount for Spin Sisters members. You can grab your membership here: https://camba.tidyhq.com/public/membership_levels


Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance (CMBA)

CMBA builds and maintains trails in Calgary and Kananaskis, and also helps other organizations with their trail work. This year, they are planning to complete the remaining 500 m of new trail in Nolan Hill by hand (with volunteers).  They will be doing some trail upgrades in 12 Mile Coulee with contractors and volunteers.  More bridge work is planned for Paskapoo Slopes and some trail work in Bottomlands.  They are also discussing pump tracks and trails in new neighbourhoods with two land development companies. Please visit CMBA’s website for more information or to purchase a membership for the 2021 season. Note that CMBA offers a discount for Spin Sisters members. You can purchase your membership here: https://cmba.tidyhq.com/public/membership_levels


Friends of Kananaskis

The mission of Friends of Kananaskis is to build a community of volunteers and partners to maintain the ecological integrity and recreational use of Kananaskis Country by engaging in trail care, stewardship, education and research. Plans for the 2021 season will include final touches on the Razor’s Edge Connector trail, maintenance on existing sections of Razor's Edge, and continuing the build of the new singletrack "Iliad" trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre. 2020 was a record trail care season for Friends of Kananaskis, with 327 volunteers working over 3000 hours on 95 trail care events - thanks to Spin Sisters for being part of it!

Their website is a great resource for trail maps and conditions as well as other information about K-Country. We encourage you to check it out. You can sign up to volunteer for Friends of Kananaskis at the following link: https://www.kananaskis.org/how-to-help/volunteer-programs/


Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society

Formed in 2009, MMBTS is comprised of mountain bikers dedicated to the accessibility of trails and support of mountain biking in the Moose Mountain and surrounding area. In 2020, all of their usual events were COVID-cancelled. MMBTS misses us! But they still accomplished a lot on the mountain with membership growing to over 1300, Master Trail Plan submitted to AEP, Hotlaps revitalized (this is a trail for the beginner rider on Moose), T-Dub gully re-opened, Loamzilla rock roll ride-around, 20th anniversary Jean Guy updates, Prairie Mountain trails sanctioned and on Trailforks (this is huge!), new network signage started (it’s a work in progress), and a new flow trail opened! And then closed...temporarily.  You can purchase an MMBTS membership here: https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/moose-mountain-bike-trail-society-2021


Bragg Creek Trails (formerly Greater Bragg Creek Trails Assoc.)

Bragg Creek Trails has built and maintained some of our favourite and most-used trails in the West Bragg Creek trail network. Although it was a slow start last season, 2020 was a busy and productive year at WBC. They worked on tread and drainage repairs on many popular trails; a new Moose singletrack trail was hand-finished; many upgrades were made to a section of Tom Snow including bridge and culvert installations and  tread repairs. Trail work continues all year at West Bragg Creek to keep fat-bike trails ready for our winter riding pleasure - crews go out on special motorcycles to pack the snow for fat-biking; they also remove tree falls throughout the winter. Lastly, about 200 new trail junction maps were produced and installed at all intersections throughout the WBC network last year. The 2021 season begins in late May-early June fixing worn/damaged tread and ensuring good drainage to get the trails ready for summer riding. Major 2021 projects include completing Tom Snow north upgrade and finishing Kestrel. Next on the list is middle Tom Snow (between Moose Loop and Mountain Road) which will complete the 2010 West Bragg Creek All-Season Trails Plan recommendations. BCT is currently working on Trails Plan 2.0 which will guide the trail network’s next 10 years. BCT will look to trail users like the Spin Sisters MBC for input, ideas and feedback during the planning process. So the next time you’re riding at WBC, take a moment to think how things could be improved such as trail connectors, etc. and jot them down so you’re ready to share your ideas!  Visit their website for tons of info regarding trail conditions, trail etiquette, trail building days, and much more! https://braggcreektrails.org


Upcoming Community Events