Race Team

We are excited to build on the racing momentum that has grown within our club and more formally support our racers. The objectives of this effort are to:

  • Provide racing development for club members whose ambitions and abilities are beyond the scope of the Learn to Race Program and occasional Citizen-style racing.
  • Provide peer support and camaraderie for fellow racers who may choose to train together or otherwise support each other’s racing goals.
  • Foster a club racing culture where racing efforts are supported and successes are celebrated and recognized.
  • Eliminate racer attrition by bringing exposure in the mountain biking community to our club as a desirable option for women racers.


Spin Sisters who meet the criteria and become race team members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Team camaraderie. We race in solidarity!
  • Spin Sister club Membership and ABA Membership, which includes standard club Comprehensive General Liability, AD&D Insurance. (ABA race licenses are up to you to obtain.)
  • End-of-season reimbursement of license and portion of race fees for racers in good standing*
  • One partially subsidized Race Team jersey (Reimbursed at the end of the season. Shorts will be available for purchase - unique to the race team)
  • Race Team training-focused group rides in-season, subsidized spring training camp and other training-focused events.
*Please note that reimbursement will depend on the number of race team members for the year and the number of races completed. We have a decent budget available but if an overwhelming number of women sign up (which would be AWESOME), then the reimbursement may need to be capped.

Criteria & Obligation

Race team members will be required to demonstrate commitment to the club and racing as follows:

  • Be a current Spin Sisters member, with three or more races under your belt OR have two or more years experience mountain biking at the intermediate level (comfortable on blue trails) and have taken the Learn to Race program.  A single multi-day stage race also qualifies.
  • Must not belong to another mountain bike club or race a MTB or CX race for any other club.
  • Plan to race in at least three mountain bike, cyclocross, or x-terra races over the current season, with at least one being in Alberta. One multi-day stage race is also allowed. (You will be required to fill out an Intent to Race form.)
  • Register for races as a Spin Sister and race in the Spin Sister Race Team kit.
  • Volunteer for the club at least twice as noted below.
  • Abide by the Race Team Code of Conduct.
Note that you may sign up for the Race Team at any point during the season; however, the fees remain the same and you may miss out on some fun group events! You are still required to meet the criteria and obligations.

Membership Cost and Volunteer

Race Team members pay a $100 fee to the club in addition to the the $105 club membership (plus additional costs for race licenses). Members must also support the club with at least two volunteer commitments*, such as:

*Note that the Learn to Race Program usually has the highest need for volunteers.

Race Team Code of Conduct

Be an ambassador to the team and the club as follows:

  • Recognize that riders of all experience levels are welcome in any race. Make new riders feel like they belong and respect that more experienced riders deserve the room to pass you.
    • Pass slower riders safely and with courtesy.
    • Yield to faster riders
  • Wear your team kit during the race. You must also wear your team kit on the podium if you place.
  • Support your club and your fellow team members.
  • Keep it FUN!

Club Racers

So you want to race but don’t want to commit to the race team? No problem! The more the merrier! Citizen and occasional racers are encouraged to register and race as Spin Sisters in club colours (not race team colours). Represent!

Funding will not be available to those racers who are not registered for the Learn to Race program or the Race Team but chances are you'll have some Spin Sisters there with you cheering you to the finish line!

2020 Racing Team Kit

race team gear coming soon.


Upcoming Race Events

2020 ABA Race Events

By spinsisters | February 12, 2020