Pine Top Provincial Recreation Area Survey

The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance (CMBA) recently sent a letter to the Minister of Environment and Parks asking the Alberta government to postpone work on its Optimizing Alberta Parks plan until it has made a thorough effort to consult with affected stakeholders and organizations. Spin Sisters was listed as an affected stakeholder – see attached letter here for full details.

Essentially Alberta Environment and Parks has proposed a program called Optimizing Alberta Parks to review a number of parks and recreation areas throughout Alberta and determine whether they can be managed through partnerships or whether they should be closed.

Among the sites proposed for partnership or closure is Pine Top Provincial Recreation Area. The reason given is that it is underutilized and very small. Pine Top is the trailhead for the Jumpingpound Loop trail that mountain bikers from the Calgary area use on a regular basis throughout the riding season. The trail also runs through the Jumpingpound Creek Provincial Recreation Area (previously closed) and the Pine Grove Provincial Recreation Area (Group Camping). Both of these are also listed for potential partnership.

Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance has written to the Minister (see attached letter) about this program to raise concerns over the lack of consultation with organizations such as ours, and to open a dialogue to find solutions that will preserve access for mountain bikers. To be an effective representative of the mountain bike community in Calgary and area, we would like to better understand the thoughts of our members and the members of other organizations on these proposed changes that could affect Pine Top. To do that, we’d like you to fill out this brief questionnaire.

Please take some time to fill out this questionnaire. CMBA has expressed interest in further developing the Pine Top area with Beginner to Intermediate level mountain bike trails, therefore the results of this survey and their continued advocacy efforts will help to ensure this becomes a reality.

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