Meet the Executives

2019 Spin Sisters Executives

Our club is run ENTIRELY by volunteers who love mountain biking and want to share their passion with other riders.
If you are interested in helping foster a women's mountain biking culture, please let us know!




I love seeing women thrive in the sport of mountain biking. My intention is to do my part to encourage women in this sport to live healthy and active lifestyles on and off the bike.




Vice President

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My story is common - maybe it's yours too? Heading out to West Bragg with my husband, desperately trying to keep up, getting super frustrated in the process. After a few 'cry rides' (you know what I'm talking about), I found Spin Sisters. No drop rides, supportive and knowledgeable coaches in skills clinics, camaraderie every Monday night Scooter ride - I'm hooked! I love to see women challenge themselves, and gain confidence in the process - one rock, root and obstacle at a time!  Join us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news and views!





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One of my favourite things about the club is that there are rides for all technical ability levels, and all fitness levels. The role of the rides committee is to build out the rides calendar each year – it is like solving a giant super fun puzzle. From short, urban early season rides to mountain road trips on weekends, the rides calendar has hundreds of rides per year and there is a flavour for everyone. Learn new trails, meet new friends, and challenge your fitness!




After a wee hiatus, I was re-introduced to mountain biking - and Spin Sisters - a few years ago, and am loving my adventures on 2 wheels!  I was nervous (it had been too long!) and signed up for a couple of clinics to re-acquaint myself with my bike and bolster my confidence. I'm so glad I did!  They changed my riding experience for the better that year. I'm excited to be working with our sponsor bike shops and our own Spin Sisters coaches to offer you skills and maintenance clinics that will develop your on and off-bike skills and provide you with a safe and fun learning experience.



Race Program

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Gear & Clothing

I found Spin Sisters completely by accident, but it has changed my life! Biking is now an integral part of it - I find my happy on the trails, shredding the gnar...can you do that on a bike?...I've made some lifelong friends and I am loving the challenges I face every single time I get on my bike - being the best rider and Spin Sister I can possibly be!

I am responsible for procuring sweet Spin Sisters branded threads for club members to shred the trails in! In other words, I facilitate our relationship with our supplier to make sure we get the best looking jerseys and shorts out there!





I have the pleasure of working with our fantastic  group of sponsors who donate cash & prizes, host clinics and special events, provide expertise and a variety of special offers to Spin Sisters. This is all done to advance the goals of the Spin Sisters club, support our members and encourage and support women in the sport of Mountain Biking.




Volunteer Coordinator

I had no idea that signing up for Spin Sisters years ago would become such a large part of my life. It is a great organization and group of women. After reaping the benefits of organized rides, great clinics and an awesome race team for years I have decided it's time for me to give back to the club in a larger fashion. I organize volunteers who motivate others to get involved in the club. We are 100% volunteer based so without you we could not be successful. Contact me if you would like to get more involved!





I have the responsibility for the safe-keeping of the Club's funds. I am responsible for recording all income and expenditure and for reporting on the financial position of the Club to the Club Executive Committee on an on-going basis.




Admin & Website

Responsible for behind-the-scene IT and design related tasks, making sure the club is running smoothly.


Key Committee Members



Mountain Maiden Race Director

I am responsible for organizing the most incredible XC race in all of Alberta (Note: I am a little biased here) with duties that include information wrangler, charmer, channelling my inner unicorn & pumping the stoke. Of course, this is race is a big deal & I can't do it alone so with the support of my fellow execs, Spin Sisters, and ALL the volunteers involved the Mountain Maiden comes together as one epic day each year.




Learn to Race

I signed up for the race team because my spin sisters inspired me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. But participating in my first race meant way more than just riding fast. Join Learn to Race to find out what racing will mean for you (....on and off your mountain bike)!