Meet the Executives

2021 Spin Sisters Executives

Our club is run ENTIRELY by volunteers who love mountain biking and want to share their passion with other riders.
If you are interested in helping foster a women's mountain biking culture, please let us know!




I am fortunate, by chance and whimsy, to have landed myself a seat smack-dab in the middle of one of the largest “Women’s Only” Mountain Bike Clubs. Now, as President, I have the honour to witness the growth of a community, the empowerment of women, the empowerment of themselves, who in turn, empower one another. I watch these women show vast amounts of vulnerability, camaraderie, and courage every year, every month, and on every ride by taking the time to snap a photo to celebrate themselves, or to turn and cheer on another rider as she conquers another climb, another drop or overcomes a recently revealed fear. A league of extraordinary women, that rise up, each supporting another through radical good times on bikes (which are really unicorns in disguise!)





Vice President

One of my favourite things about the club is that there are rides for all technical ability levels, and all fitness levels.  From short, urban early season rides to mountain road trips on weekends, the rides calendar has hundreds of rides per year and there is a flavour for everyone. Learn new trails, meet new friends, and challenge your fitness!





I like bikes.  I don't really care what kind of bike - I just like bikes.  Whether commuting, bike touring, triathlon-ing, Peloton-ing, gravel riding or mountain biking - let's just admit it - bikes are just good fun.

What wasn't fun was trying to learn how to mountain bike with my husband - a few cry rides later, and I was ready to NOT like mountain biking, which was horrifying, as ... I like bikes.

I found my way to Spin Sisters where a community of supportive women encouraged me up climbs, over roots, rocks, and down descents.  While I would never, EVER be able to pick a favorite bike, I do have a favourite community.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram to follow along with the fun. See you on the trails!





From my first bike with the high rise handlebars, banana seat, and sissy bar, I have always loved bikes and bike riding.

I bought a new full suspension bike about 10 years ago, hoping to get into mountain biking.

I am a collector of trail books and maps, and so I had a theoretical knowledge of where to go but I had no one to go with. I made the odd solo trip to West Bragg and tested the trails, but after riding Merlin clockwise one day, I figured there had to be a better answer. That answer was the Spin Sisters!

I am so happy to have found a welcoming community of riders of all abilities. The biggest challenge is signing up before all the spots are gone!





I still remember my first MTB ride… one of my climbing buddies lent me her commute bike and dragged me out for a very wet soggy day at Afan Forest in South Wales (circa 2007). From that point I was hooked. I've ridden all over the UK mostly on my now retro hardtail, and taken a XC full-suspension bike to the Swiss trails in Verbier (seriously under-biked, mostly quite scared, wouldn't recommend it).

Six years ago I imported myself and all my bikes to Canada, and Spinsisters has provided a fantastic way for me to meet some amazing people and discover the awesome trail network we have in Alberta.

I love being out in the mountains and on the trails, whether that’s on my bikes, skiing, hiking or running. And I love to share that enjoyment and encourage other people to get outside.

As the Rides Coordinator, I'm hoping we can get as many as you out riding as possible so you can meet other awesome ladies and have a fantastic time!




Having mountain biked for many years, I was looking to find more ladies to ride with when a girlfriend told me about the Spin Sisters. I joined 3 years ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed riding with amazing women of all ages and abilities. There is a wonderful community of camaraderie and support here.

We offer Bike Maintenance and Skills Clinics so you can learn to take proper care of your bike and gain the confidence to conquer any trail you put your mind to. All of our certified instructors are Spin Sisters who volunteer their time and positive energy into providing our members with the opportunity to master the skills needed to enjoy mountain biking for a lifetime. I am grateful and proud to be a part of this great organization and am looking forward to seeing you on the trails.



Race Program

Susan is in charge of our Spin Sisters race team, and looks after them throughout the racing season.




Race Program

I found Spin Sisters completely by accident, but it has changed my life! Biking is now an integral part of it - I find my happy on the trails, shredding the gnar...can you do that on a bike?...I've made some lifelong friends and I am loving the challenges I face every single time I get on my bike - being the best rider and Spin Sister I can possibly be!





Gear & Clothing

A late bloomer to mountain bikes but keen nonetheless, I enjoy outdoor activities that let me see nature, and spend time with friends and my family.  My sports background is varied but always seems to end up with an element of danger (!).
I've volunteered in various capacities in the past for the YMCA, Ride for Diabetes, CIBC Run for the Cure and am presently volunteering a lot of time at the Repsol Sport Centre.
Profession: Engineer, Construction Manager
Time with the club: two years
Time on biking: two years
Number of crashes to date: three I can remember...
Best trails I've ridden: There are a lot! Odyssey at the Canmore Nordic Centre, 7:27 in West Bragg (when I don't crash), Sideshow Bob in town, Chainsaw Massacre to Buck 50 in Crowsnest
Do I teach a spin class?  Ummmm no
Do I home school? Also no my children voted me out of that position
Most extreme outdoor adventure: Maybe driving across South Africa during the worst floods they had in years with another Canadian and no map




Volunteer & Trails Coordinator

Spin Sisters made a huge impact on my life. Moving to a big city like Calgary, it was hard making new friends and I was terrified riding alone in the mountains. We don’t have animals that will kill you back home! Through Spin Sisters I met women, supportive in mountain biking and everyday life, who have become friends. I first volunteered with the Rides Committee which was a great way to learn about the local trails. Now, as Volunteer/Community Coordinator, my tasks are to organize club volunteers and help build camaraderie within both the Spin Sisters club and the mountain bike community. What form this takes is still in development so if you have an idea, I’d love to hear it!

Remember - Spin Sisters is 100% volunteer driven. Without volunteers the club wouldn’t be what it is today. Contact me for more information about how you can support our club!





I have been mountain biking for only a few years and enjoy riding at a beginner level. I wanted to be part of the SpinSisters because of their idea of inclusion. I am happy to give my time to volunteer for the club in the role of Co-Sponsorship with Dawn.


Dawn bio pic



I have been mountain biking for a few years now and enjoy pushing myself to get a little bit better each year. I originally started riding with my husband when we moved back to Calgary after living abroad in Australia. I joined Spin Sisters looking for likeminded women to ride with and I found them! As an active person, I’m always up for a fun adventure and mountain biking is pure fun with some sweat equity. I’m happy to volunteer for the club and co-lead Sponsorship with Diana.




Somehow my parents knew that bikes were going to be a big part of my life. At the age of 4, I got my first bike and they captured the excitement I felt. More than 50 years later I get as excited as I did then every time I get on a bike. I am thrilled to share my lifelong enthusiasm for biking with an amazing community of Calgary woman riders from newbies to seasoned veterans. Look for me on the trails, I’m the one with the big grin on my face, just like yours!

I have the responsibility for the safe-keeping of the Club's funds. I am responsible for recording all income and expenditure and for reporting on the financial position of the Club to the Club Executive Committee on an on-going basis.



Admin & Website

I started mountain biking in 2013, in a fairly typical "riding with the husband" fashion. After some "But I want some bike people of my OWN to ride with!" moments, I joined the Spin Sisters in 2017. From skills and maintenance clinics, to a variety of "no drop" rides, it's an amazing club, full of welcoming people.

When I'm not out riding my bike, I'm responsible for behind-the-scene IT and website related tasks.

Contact me if you would like to join the Admin & Website committee.

Key Committee Members


Learn to Race

Join Learn to Race to find out what racing will mean for you (....on and off your mountain bike)!