Learn to Race

Never entered a mountain bike race but want to give it a try? Looking for a fun, non-intimidating environment in which to learn more about mountain bike racing? Then our Learn to Race program* is for you!

Through a progressive series of sessions, we will go through a number of racing-related topics that are important to know for the new and aspiring racer including:

  • what happens at a race
  • how to prepare
  • race etiquette
  • techniques and strategies to use in a race

After learning the basics, the course will conclude with a "mock race" scenario, where we will have the chance to apply our newly acquired knowledge and skills and get a feeling for what it is like to be in a race situation.

Spin Sisters of any riding level who are comfortable on a bike can participate in this program.

Through this program, we hope to alleviate any fears or anxieties that might hold a person back from racing. Our "graduates" will be ready for their first ABA-sanctioned race such as the Mountain Maiden XC, the 24 Hours of Adrenaline, or other events.

* You MUST be a Spin Sisters member to participate in our Learn to Race program.

What you get

  • great coaching sessions by club racers and seasoned riders
  • learn basic race skills and tactics in a fun and non-theatening environment
  • your Mountain Maiden XC race fee reimbursed*

What we want from you

* You MUST complete all the requirements in order to receive your race fee reimbursement. Cheques will be mailed.

Visit Member Zone for course dates.