Knowing the techniques to ride the trails we choose, and being able to fix a flat tire or broken chain are important skills to really make our rides enjoyable.

Our skills and maintenance clinics are available exclusively to Spin Sisters members.

Skills Clinics

Spin Sisters PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association) certified instructors and volunteers will lead you through a supportive and fun day where you will have opportunity to learn and try new skills in the morning, then practice them out on  the trails in the afternoon.

You will learn and get a chance to practice various riding techniques that will help you improve more quickly throughout the season.

Teachable Tuesdays

A 2 hour small group clinic format within the city, that focuses on specific skills run by our amazing PMBIA volunteer instructors.

Bike Maintenance Clinics

We offer basic and advanced bike maintenance clinics in through our sponsor shops.

Visit Member Zone to see upcoming skills and maintenance clinics available to Spin Sisters.